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At first Glance,the quintessential All Swedish/French girl..educated,sophisticated,discrete,elegant,down to earth,Sincere.


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Sun Sea and Sex

The number one high class escort on Earth

Angelina Monroe is a renowned ,fully legal and exclusive high class companion.

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The most beautiful,elegant,sexy and intelligentFrench and Swedish escort.

Provide much more than just Sex.A companion who is able to stimulate your mind,your bodying your soul. The Newsletter  described  Angelina as The finest,stunningly beautiful,eloquent,charming,funny,sexy,sweet,intelligent and adventurous bunny to please and entertain 

Available anytime by appointment with deposit.for outdates -dinner -

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Announce coming events,please pick an event of your choice and let's go on outdate together!

Hello Sweetheart !!I would love an outdate with you !! so many things so much fun we  can do together!!here's a list we can explore together :..


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(From Cheung W-T ) Angelina Monroe' s review:

 I am a reporter from Hong Kong and planned a trip to visit Angelina for a long time to make sure to catch her schedule.  It finally happened. I still can’t believe I had spent the night with her.  I told the cashier she is very famous out here in Hong Kong and was always my dream to have time with her.  The sex was even more fabulous than I expected and will be embedded in my thoughts for the rest of my life.  She definitely earned her fame and alI those men and women here will only be able to dream about her, where I can actually say I was very intimate with her.  I am honored."

Cheung W.T

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The big news

     New Location Within Nevada States ( Legal House) Details:November 2018 !

Available for Special holidays (50% and up minimum deposit is appreciated)

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I am a 5 foot 11 inch French/Swedish Blonde born and raised in France  regardless  according to     



you must be AT OR ABOVE five feet and ten inches (5’10”)     

however Producers reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions. one of my favorite TV show

 I exclusively work at the Bunny Ranch and offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed for your enjoyment and pleasure. I am an absolute sensation when it comes to sexual pleasure. I believe I am the best at giving the most incredible sexual encounter and will leave you addicted and begging to come back for more!

I am always asked questions and would like to mention the questions that are asked of me the most. This should make your visit and experience simplified as it really is. 

1. Does Angelina Monroe really come from Sweden and speak many Languages?

Yes, I was born and raised in Sweden. My foreign accent is real and I love talking dirty to you in multiple languages. 

2. Does Angelina have a schedule or is she always available?

I work like everyone else in the world. I am working just about every day with at least one day off a week to get all my personal errands and rest in. However, I live in the area and can pretty much party anytime you want as long as you tell me ahead of time. You just need to leave 10% payment to the Bunny Ranch to book the time/date that works for you. This way I can change my schedule and make sure I am exclusively there for you waiting. 

3. Does Angelina party outside the Ranch?

Of course! All you need to do is ask. You tell me what you would like to do and where you want to go. We can work pretty much anything out. I also can give you some suggestions and places to go and things to do. Love the intimate time together. And I dress very elegant outside the Ranch. I love nice Dinners, Shows, Restaurants, and most of all hotels! I love going to Las Vegas with you. Just make arrangements with the Bunny Ranch House. I love hiking, swimming, sun bathing in bikini or nude, and love the Craps table. I am your Lucky Charm.

Does Angelina party with couples? I love to please and enjoy being touched. I love women just as much as men. When it comes to sexual pleasure, it's all about pleasing and getting pleased. I love threesomes and even foursomes! 

4. Does Angelina like her work and what kind of men/women does she like?

I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to work at the Bunny Ranch. I have been addicted to sex further back than I can even remember. I cannot get enough of it. And what a turn on it is too please someone else sexually. I wish I could work 24/7. When I am off, I can't wait to get back to work. I get wet just thinking about pleasing you. I love any man or woman as long as you are clean and respectful. Your charm will turn me on like you cannot imagine. I also, love to teach you about how to please and arouse women. I want you to be the best in bed with other women/men as you can be. I am a great teacher and sexual therapist. Most of all.... I love multiple orgasms. It makes me cum when I see you cum. My appointments cum from all over the world and United States. It is very easy to set an appointment and everything is extremely confidential. It only takes a few minutes. Just arrange your flight into Reno-Tahoe Airport. There is no need for a hotel. You can stay with me in my room or even upgrade to a high class suite. It's a 5 star stay guaranteed. The Bunny Ranch also has a complimentary limosine to pick you up wherever you are staying.

5. What is a party and what can we do at a party?

A party is my time with you. I am here for you. The only stupid question you can ask, is the one you don't ask. I enjoy the sexual and personal time with you. I am open to just about every fantasy you have. I am very experienced in giving you pleasure in many ways and love to role play and making fantasies cum true! Just let me know what has always been your fantasy and I will bring you to where you never have been. Your fantasy turns me on! 

6. How much should I expect to spend?

I work around your budget. We can discuss when we meet. The longer the time we have with each other and the type of fantasy varies in costs. So, let's talk and see how we can fulfill our dreams. You won't regret a minute of it. I know you will never forget this out of this world experience. I have this gifts of giving sexual pleasure that I want to share with you!

7. Is a party just about the sex?

No. I love to please and respect you, your fantasy, and privacy. Great sex is about the connection between us. I love to please in every way. I am very intelligent and love a great conversation. I love to talk about myself and learn more about you. Feeling the chemistry between us is an important part of having the best sexual experience you have ever had. You won't regret ever the pleasure we are going to have with each other. Promise!

8. What is Angelina's favorite party?

My favorite party is the GFE (Girlfriend Experience). If you are a Virgin, First Timer, Bachelor, or Widow, I recommend this GFE party. It gives you the personal and intimate cuddling and kissing for pure relaxing enjoyment. A great chemistry is a must!

9. Does Angelina give out her personal cell phone number?

I do give out my cell phone number. But only to clients who are my regular visitors. It makes it easier to keep in contact and reach me. 

10. Is it safe to come to the Bunny Ranch?

Yes, it is completely safe to come to the Bunny Ranch. We are open 24 hours a day and always someone up front. We have lights in our parking area and have very experienced staff on duty all the time to ensure everyone's safety. 

11. Can Angelina receive tips?

Absolutely Angelina can and loves tips of all amounts. When you appreciate anyone's service, the polite thing is to tip in show of appreciation. And don't forget our Bartenders and Cashiers too.

12. Is it safe to see Angelina? What about STDs?

It is very safe. All girls have to be tested before they see any client and are also tested every week. You have to be free of all STDs,STI  to be able to work at the Bunny Ranch. 

13. Does Angelina like older men?

Angelina LOVES older men. Older men are my favorite. I love the experience they cum with. 

14. Does Angelina like short men?

Angelina loves short and tall men. I just love having sex so much. All men make me wet. I need sex and love the different varieties of size. This includes height. 

15. How do you pay for the parties?

You can pay with any Major Credit Cards except American Express, Cash, or even discrete billing if you wish. All credit cards will be discrete and are not identified in your statements as Bunny Ranch. We understand your privacy and want to keep you happy. 

16) What kind of clients do you have?

My clients are generally white, married, and professional males, between their late 20s  and seventy  years old, with higher class income. They tend to be Celebrities (Football-Baseball )doctors, lawyers, CEO and businessmen looking to get away for a few hours in the middle of the day, Overnight or just couple days ,a gateway week-end.

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Announce coming events,please pick an event of your choice and let's go on outdate together!

Hello Sweetheart !!I would love an outdate with you !! so many things so much fun we  can do together!!here's a list we can explore together :..


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