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Angelina's Recipe; A dash of Passion or maybe a bunch of Passion lol,Stroll hands to hands,Holding hands all the time in the bed as well,Cuddling ,A deep connection body,mind ,souls,Laugher ,smile to each other ,Intense Massages .Kisses,soft sex,rough sex ,sex toys Give Each Other Massages,69Position,Masturbated each other with the pleasure to see each other having multiple orgasms,experiencing the Fifty Shades of Grey ,Role play, cross dressing ,fetishism , lingeries.Sex Toys...

Intimacy massage is a wonderful way to relax and get in sync with each other,Let's talk about your expectations in sex ,what you like and what you dislike,what turn you on,

Are you are looking for a girlfriend experience otherwise known as GFE in the Reno, Carson and Lake Tahoe area? Look no further. I will give you everything you need and more!
I know what you're going through. It can be difficult, sometimes, and it can also get lonely...but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes you need more than just sex; you need someone to appreciate you, respect you, and worship not just your body, but your heart and soul as well.
I am that person. I want to know how your day went, what's been on your mind lately, what's stressing you out.
Spending time with me is compared to gazing into the eyes of a woman that you’re connecting with emotionally that’s cool, fun, and fantastic…


But Also Knows When To Get Dirty,When feelings are involved, no sex is better than passionate sex — though I do enjoy the odd bout of angry sex for different reasons. Passionate sex is easy to detect; it looks similar to those dimly-lit sex scenes in your favorite romance movies, except not quite because nothing is like the movies and our bodies aren’t strategically positioned for optimal lighting purposes. Kissing is paramount to building intimacy, 

ANGELINA GOES DOWN ON YOU I am  very Generous when giving Blow jobs. I am so Addicted lol 

I enjoy sex and preliminary  blow jobs are one of my favorite , if you are Kinky, we can have a  combination with a foreplay like the French Maid lol and I will speak french to you .........Thus  it’s my duty to go down on you. Because sex isn’t just about " fucking "  Despite the fact that you’ll never know whether a woman (your ex  ,your spouse,your partner etc)would enjoys doing the deed or not (seriously: some women just hate doing it while other feel the opposite; I personally would never turn down a request made by the Gentleman ,I am genially  interested in.

Nailed it babe, I am just that generous ,honest Companion and  I guarantee you 200% not just  100% satisfaction and you will be soon addicted to me..



FETISHISM PODOPHILIA (arrousal to feet)KATOPTRONOPHILIA (Arousal to sex in front Mirrors)

MASOCHISM ( Arousal to experiencing physical and psychological pain),PYGOPHILIA(  butt lover) TITILLAGNIA,tickling)UROPHILIA ,VOYEURISM

 Whatever your circumstances that bring you to me seeking improvement in sensual knowledge: Virgins, Newbies, A Bit Rusty..I must confess have a crush with elderly Men,they enough mature most of them Gentleman and pleaser  I love to call them daddy me  a Gerontophile I won't argue lol :)  (Arousal to the elderly) Recent Divorce, or Leaping into new found Sexual Desires, look no further!

While I take great pride in helping Virgins, whether they are 18 or 89, one may find themselves in the position where they feel like they are starting over again.
If this is you, or curiosity has you gripped, please keep reading.

This, like all of our future encounters, I strive to ensure that you are at ease, comfortable, and relaxed before we move forward to the next stage of communication or party. Many individuals who have little to no experience in sexual or carnal knowledge have already bested others in two ways: you chose Myself and the Best companion  to educate and coaching you!

Let's face it, sex can be awkward for the un-initiated and inexperienced; that's why you chose me to help you through those moments! During our initial meet up in my VIP room , we can chat, perhaps have a non alcohol drink or a shot of fireball or Patron( Lol ) A relaxing massage to help you ease you nerves.

Angelina Reads Your Body

Whether you clearly communicate what you like and don’t during intercourse (which is certainly beneficial for a first-time partner)I will know – or at least have an inkling – regardless.  just will. As I stated earlier, I  used in my  previous sexual experiences to learn these things, and with this talent, wants nothing more than for you to enjoy yourself.

Angelina  Cuddles Afterward

I understands the importance of the post-Orgasms cuddle. I let you choose the cuddle position, where the two of us will then either have a chat, go immediately to bed, or stream something online (or more likely, on Netflix,porno movies lol) to watch cell phone for more future encounter .Still reading ..let's meet up now babe :

Rewarded by Booking with a deposit,Please call the office 775-246-9901 ext 0 let the cashier knows that you want to leave a deposit for Angelina Monroe )is Highly recommended and appreciated .Rewarded with more time and discount applied for any kind of Experience you choose ,it will secure our date and time together and shows that you are very serious )



coming events,We can go anywhere together within the Nevada States ,Email me for details

Pick your favorite place and let's go together ,Yes you heard me!Anywhere within Nevada States

We can go anywhere together within the Nevada States email me for more details,infos

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Hello my loyal followers. I am so looking forward to my favorite time of the year, Spring. Those of you that know me do know that I am picky to whom I spend my time with. I only want to enjoy time with a classy guy who knows how to treat women well. The reviews on my site are from those classy guys. You will not find a lot of reviews from a lot of clients. I do not look for quantity, only the classy quality. I am sorry but I turn down many to only select that one classy respectful man. You know if you have what it takes to take me out. And you will also know I guarantee you will enjoy every classy minute together. 

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